Total Malware Protection Plan For Your Business

Exclusively for our eGuard Tech clients….

Our innovative Total Malware Protection Plan: layered, comprehensive services and tools to better protect your network and computers from the ever-changing Ransomware virus

There is no way to absolutely protect you and your business from the ransomware virus today, but by putting into place a few added layers of protection (preventive steps and technologies) we can reduce the infection rate and overall risk. We are excited to offer this additional add-on security and protection to our Total IT Care clients. These additional services include:

Layer 1: Security Awareness Education. Your employees are the weakest link in your network security. One of the simplest, most important tools we have in preventing malware viruses from infecting your data is end-user education. Our ongoing online-training program will educate your employees and users to be suspicious of EVERY attachment in EVERY link in an email.  Users will learn to identify different ‘flags’ as signs of malicious intent in emails and websites as well as the immediate steps to take when encountering suspicious online activity (i.e. contact eGuard Tech immediately!).

Layer 2: Security beyond the firewall. Our new state of the art URL filtering system will work in conjunction with your existing firewall to prevent malicious links from doing damage by predicting attacks before they happen.  This filtering solution continually gathers and shares security feedback from other devices, filtering engines and users, creating a new layer of cloud-delivered protection in your network system.

Layer 3: Ransomware-Prevent Anti-Virus/Security Software. For advanced systems and greater protection this “detect-and-stop” Ransomware package is the perfect add-on security supplement for your current anti-virus software. Ransomware Blocker will identify potential malicious files based on their activity,
a step above the protection you can expect from your stand-alone anti-virus software. This zero-day protection can scan files and identify exactly what it is they’re trying to do on your system and block it before it can be activated.

We are so excited to be able to offer this added protection package to our Total IT Care clients; give us a call at 202-350-4230 or fill out our form for more information.

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