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eGuard Managed Services Provide Seamless, Streamlined IT Support For Your Business

Information technology management can be a challenge for small business owners and those in the non-profit sector; often a small or medium-sized business owner, an association or a non-profit will try to manage IT in-house, but they quickly learn how difficult the task can be. eGuard Tech Services is here to help you navigate your IT needs with seamless, dedicated IT support .

Handling IT queries and network issues can take any non-tech savvy business owner on a wild, tumultuous ride, possibly even endangering the security and well-being of your business. Organizations in all industries run into the same types of computer viruses, network system glitches and other security problems that major corporations face. But a small or medium-sized business usually does not have the luxury of employing dedicated, full time IT staff to identify and fix these issues.

For the majority of small businesses and non-profit organizations, the best option when it comes to IT management is to hire third-party IT professionals to take charge. Here at eGuard Tech Services, our experts are experienced and educated in network and computer repair, installation, and support, offering organizations in the Washington, DC area the highest level of IT service on the market.

Organizations should constantly be aware of what is going on within their systems, with some way to monitor full patch management, anti-virus management, and desktop cleanup and optimization. Most small organizations don’t have time for this, so we take the stress out of the situation by managing all of these aspects on a weekly basis. eGuard Tech goes even further for our clients, providing full server backup and offsite business continuity.

eGuardTech consultants seamlessly manage and handle network issues proactively, without clients ever even noticing most of the problems. If our clients are away at an event, on vacation, or taking advantage of must needed downtime, it’s no problem. This flawless process starts as we monitor, manage and remediate our client’s network infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of the 24/7 service, our network engineers proactively maintain our clients’ networks and servers. This ensures that all security threats can be swiftly resolved with absolutely no stress or effort exerted by our clients.

Our high-tech alert and monitoring system automatically detects problems in a network, server or workstation, and promptly notifies our team that immediate action is needed. The technology behind our alert and monitoring system can solve some issues instantaneously, never requiring intervention from our IT specialists.

On top of everything, we manage the network doors with state-of-the art firewall and security, which is crucial to a business’s IT safety. With new cyber-threats showing up daily businesses and organizations need to be vigilant about protecting their networks and therefore protecting themselves.

Part of managing computer networks and IT also requires incorporating email into the equation. Viruses can easily be sent through emails, and can have the ability to cause severe damage. eGuard Tech manages our clients’ email SPAM, with additional levels of antivirus and antimalware at the email level. Not only will you see less of those pesky SPAM emails in your inbox, but the threat of an attack from a virus or malware sent through email will be significantly lowered.

If your business or organization needs help managing information technology, we are here for you. Fill out our form to get started.

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