Office Move and Relocation

Change isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Changing office locations can be an overwhelming and sometimes costly task for a small business or non-profit; with prolonged downtimes and damaged systems in the process. eGuard Tech Service’s IT experts are here to make the transition as easy as possible, offering guidance and support throughout the entire office relocation process. From move planning to physical relocation of IT assets, to virtual migration of data to/from a cloud location, our experienced team is here to:

  • Manage all tech-related vendor relationships and coordinate your entire relocation plan.
  • Create a Strategic Move Plan Overview for the project.
  • Provide cabling and migration services.
  • Assist with relocation budgeting and site selection.
  • Build an IT Asset Inventory.
  • Schedule planned downtime.
  • Recertify IT equipment as needed.

Planning an office move in the near future? Reach out to us and let’s talk about what how we can get your project started.


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