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MX Logic Threat Watch

The MX Logic® Threat Center monitors the global state of email for spam, viruses, worms and other email threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through the filtering of billions of messages a month for organizations around the world, we can accurately evaluate messaging trends, using analytics to fine-tune filtering techniques in order to proactively defend against constantly shifting spammer, virus and worm tactics.


Founded in 1990, Allied Telecom Group is a thriving "facilities-based," full-service, Internet Service Provider (ISP). Headquartered in Washington, DC and privately-owned, we specialize in providing a full-range of customized, high speed solutions for Enterprise, Educational, Federal Government, medium and small sized businesses. These services are complemented by our first-class customer support.


The Star2Star architecture delivers powerful features, superior quality, unmatched reliability, and dramatic cost savings. Our unique approach provides an end-to-end integrated business grade phone solution. We do this by building a PBX phone system and service together from the ground up which allows us to monitor and manage the entire call pathway.