Are You Staying Out of the Cloud for the Wrong Reasons?

Are You Staying Out of the Cloud for the Wrong Reasons?

As new technologies and ideas go, cloud computing is on of the very best to come along in many years-especially for Washington DC businesses who want to cut costs, accomplish more, and generally improve profitability across the spectrum.

Of course, we understand if you're a bit skeptical. One of the features of our modern technological world is constant promotion of the "next latest and greatest thing." As soon as you've bought the last one, it seems like it's time to upgrade to something else. And so, it's natural that there are a handful of organizations, executives, and business owners who are staying away from cloud computing in Washington, D.C. because they don't fully understand how it works... or whether it's actually worth exploring.

What is ironic is that most of the things that make them skeptical about cloud computing – it must be expensive, certainly can't be as secure, and that it's likely to cause disruptions with their company – aren't founded in truth. To help you understand why, here are a few things you need to know about cloud computing:

Cloud computing brings huge cost savings. Because eGuard Tech cloud computing systems are subscription-based, rather than relying on a huge upfront investment, they allow lots of organizations here in the Washington, D.C. area to cut their technology budgets in half virtually overnight. Add to that the fact that it usually costs almost nothing to make the transition, and you can see why cloud systems are so good for your bottom-line picture.

Cloud computing is safer than you think. One of the big myths surrounding cloud computing is the idea that sending your files "out there" to some remote location must make you more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other threats. The reality is that cloud systems are hosted in top-of-the-line, constantly monitored facilities with an on-site security team, continuous backups, and even redundant power sources. That makes them far safer than most offices or business facilities.

Moving to a cloud system is often seamless. Surely, switching to a cloud platform must involve lots of downtime and a painful transition period, right? Actually, implementing your cloud service tends to be a straightforward move. You and your employees might not even notice the change right away, if it weren't for the fact that your applications will probably begin to work faster, and with fewer errors from the first minute you're in the cloud, whether you are accessing from your offices in the Washington, D.C. area, from home or on travel. What's more, the cloud systems we use have historically offered 99.99% uptime, translating into higher productivity across every part of your business.

Cloud computing doesn't lock you into long-term agreements. Thinking that the challenges must be in the fine print? Think again. Rather than being restrictive, cloud computing platforms usually allow companies to be more flexible, not less. That's because, without substantial hardware and software investments, you are free to increase the scope of your service at any time. Or, you could cut it back as needed.

That's not something that clients traditionally associate with cloud computing, but it can give your business a competitive advantage. Imagine being able to add new software, more hardware, or capabilities during a busy time of the year. Or, envision a situation in which you might want to test a new department or initiative without a huge capital outlay. You could even cut back on your cloud services if you find that you have to cut costs, or no longer need as many features as you thought you would. The point is that cloud computing is the ultimate way to invest in IT with future flexibility in mind.

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