From inception, eGuard Tech was created to address the growing technology needs of non-profits and small businesses in the Washington DC Metro area. We offer an affordable, expert IT staff experienced in managing the growing IT issues facing small businesses and non-profits, and with our proactive approach to managing IT, you’ll know that we do our job so you can enjoy the peace of mind to stay focused on your organization.

At eGuard Tech, we offer affordable, direct access to a dedicated technology team of professional, responsive, and knowledgeable experts. With our proactive approach to managing IT, you’ll know that we do our job so you can enjoy the peace of mind to stay focused on your organization.

We do our job so you can get back to doing yours.

Core Values

Keep it simple.

All of our IT solutions & client interactions are as simple as possible, but not any simpler. This is a reference to Albert Einstein’s line “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler”. The reason behind this important core value is the need to create a level of efficiency when it comes to troubleshooting, implementing & managing our solutions as well as communicating & interacting with our clients.

We put ourselves in the other person’s shoes (Their business comes first)

Is there something I can do with my work that can make the lives of our client easier and better? Do we want to reboot a server in the middle of the day just because it’s convenient? If a 3rd party vendor is being difficult, we don’t stop the client’s progress because of outside pressure. We are here to make technology work for our clients without stressing them. We get shit done!

How we treat people

We do not differentiate between the end-users. Everyone is equally important and special, no matter if that person is the CEO or an intern. We make sure everyone feels that they are important and we interact with every client with utmost professionalism, every day. We hate snobs!

Do what you say

Give your word and keep your word. Explain what you are going to do, when you are going to do it, and what they can expect after you’re done.

We look out for others

We Work Together! We are all watching out for each other. Because we are all working together to move the needle. We accomplish more together and get better outcomes. We can get better outcomes and accomplish more towards our overall objectives by following this core value.

Referral Program

Our success doesn’t just happen. It is the result of a strong commitment to our relationships with our clients. If you know of someone who think would benefit from our services, please take the time to tell us.

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