eGuard Team

Meet Our Team

Khaled-Farhang khaled-farhand

Khaled Farhang

Bobby-N. bobby-nayak

Bobby N.

Director of Infrastructure Engineering
Rev-P. rev-picardo

Rev P.

Purchasing Administrator
Deb-Z. deb-zarnoch

Deb Z.

Director of Development & Communications

Nelly K.

Office Administrator
Ted-D. ted-dubin

Ted D.

Client Advocate
Margaret-C. Margaret C

Margaret C.

Marketing Manager
Immanuel-G. immanuel-gangte

Immanuel G.

Network Engineer
Rudy-R. rudy-rivera

Rudy R.

Field Engineer
Robert-P. robert-p

Robert P.

Field Engineer
Sean-M. sean-morris

Sean M.

Field Engineer
Wil-F. wil-flores

Wil F.

Field Engineer
Abdul abdul-s

Abdul S.

Helpdesk Engineer
Redouan-B. redouanne-balazi

Redouan B.

Helpdesk Engineer

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