8 Ways VoIP Will Fuel Your Business Success

Voice-over IP (VoIP) is a group of technologies that offers a complete voice communications network for business. Unlike on-premises telecom, VoIP is Internet-based, providing businesses with a reliable phone network from a cloud-based platform. According to the market research firm, In-Stat, about 79 percent of businesses use VoIP in at least one of their locations. Businesses have been turning to VoIP in droves, due to the incredible functionality and productivity it offers companies.

Here are some of the main ways VoIP systems can fuel workplace productivity:VOiP 3

  1. You’ll never miss a call. A lot of time is lost by returning phone calls throughout the day. VoIP systems can make you more accessible to your clients and colleagues, thus reducing time spent listening and responding to voicemails. VoIP offers advanced call forwarding options that allow you to connect all of your personal devices to your corporate network and have phone calls automatically transferred to personal devices.
  2. You’ll spend less time traveling. Many businesses rely on frequent meetings, but these can place time constraints on employees. VoIP networks come equipped with video chatting on all devices, so employees can connect to corporate meetings, no matter their physical location.
  3. Access all messages in a single location. Most businesspeople have multiple corporate devices and conduct business travel regularly. This can create a challenge when trying to access voicemails.on a corporate device without physically being near the device. VoIP eleiminates this problem by allowing you to access voicemails on your office phone from your cell phone and tablet.
  4. VoIP improves collaboration. The efficiency of a business model largely depends on the ability of coworkers to collaborate. The more you encourage collaboration, the higher quality of work and the higher level of efficiency your team members will achieve. A VoIP system will support these goals by providing a cloud-based platform to employees that enable uninhibited communication between colleagues.
  5. VoIP will improve client retention. Building brand loyalty is an essential component of creating a profitable business model. Clients demand a positive customer experience, and customer service can go a long way in enhancing word-of-mouth marketing. On average, a person tells about 8 people about their great customer service experience, giving you free marketing opportunities every time you interact with a customer. VoIP makes customer service easier and more effective than ever before. With advanced call forwarding options, your customers can be connected to a live person quickly. VoIP also comes equipped with an auto attendant, which can improve customer service and eliminate the need for a receptionist.
  6. VoIP will improve employee retention. Studies indicate that employees are more likely to stay with a company if they feel passionate and connected to the work they do, while feeling as though they matter to the company. Utilizing outdated legacy software is a surefire way to drive out some of your best talent. VoIP provides the latest telecommunications technology. It can make the jobs of your employees easier and more efficient while enabling them to feel more connected to the company at large. In turn, you’ll be able to retain your top performing employees, thus enhancing the performance of your company.
  7. VoIP is highly scalable. If your company is growing quickly, then you need a phone network that can grow alongside you. On-premises telecom is time-consuming and costly to scale, requiring extensive hardware and software.VoIP is based in the cloud, making scaling easy and efficient, while significantly reducing the cost of scaling.
  8. VoIP is cheaper to manage. Managing your communications platform in the cloud will drastically reduce the cost of ownership, allowing you to reduce overhead spending and allocate business funds to the departmental tasks that truly matter.

The VoIP industry has been rapidly growing, as more businesses catch on to the ways it can help their business grow and thrive. A VoIP network is cheaper to manage while providing your business with greater flexibility, productivity, and functionality. For businesses that are rapidly growing, VoIP provides an efficient scaling model that can rapidly grow to meet your increasing business needs.

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