4 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing The Way We Do Business

Still not sure that moving your IT platform and data to the cloud will improve your company’s productivity and bottom line? Advances in the development of cloud technology are offering  new, innovative operational and workflow management solutions nearly every day.  Take a look at 4 ways cloud computing is changing management and efficiency tools and how it can enhance your business.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Workflow Applications. Cloud technology makes it possible for workers to review, edit, and complete assignments from smartphones or tablets. Most mobile phones are still not powerful enough to use for major software downloads that require a lot of disk space and CPU memory. Thanks to cloud storage, mobile phone users can quickly run applications that don’t need to be downloaded onto internal device storage.

Payroll Innovations. Your payroll department can efficiently compensate all employees thanks to cloud services. By linking  to cloud-based databases, automatic attendance systems can be programmed to report the number of hours each employee  completes in a given time frame. Managers can then remotely access time clock information and electronically transfer salaries into bank accounts of workers. Cloud technology can also be used to generate virtual payment stubs to be viewed by employees for personal reference. This technology eliminates the need to mail out paper pay stubs multiple times per month, cutting down on internal administration costs.

Remote Workforce Tools. Cloud technology allows employees an opportunity to complete projects and tasks remotely or off-hours. For example, if an employee leaves the office on a Friday evening, they can still work on time-sensitive assignments without physically being in the workplace. The flexibility of project deadlines may be necessary in various industries. Meanwhile, employees might take advantage of the opportunity to finish cloud-based projects and earn bonus compensation for overtime, when applicable.

Decreased IT CostsCloud services help businesses minimize costs on IT operations. For instance, there is no need to install in house servers and hard drives when cloud based storage is used. Virtual storage of files also eliminates stacks of paper documents that take up important physical space in an office. Files that are organized virtually in the cloud can be accessed from any Internet enabled device. By contrast, traditional local area networks in offices only allow computer users within a physical boundary to access files.

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