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Are you looking for help with your office move and relocation? Let eGuard make your office move project a success.  We know that office moves and IT setup are not everyday events for you and missing even one small detail can spell an IT disaster; costing you thousands of dollars and hours of time and worry. We can keep your IT operations moving smoothly while facilitating your relocation and setup at your new site.

Our experts will provide guidance and support through every detail, from physical relocation of your IT assets as well as virtual migration of data to/from a cloud location.  By contracting with our experienced Washington DC-based Office Move and Relocation team, you will reduce your move costs and employee overhead during the transition.  Our Office Move and  Relocation/IT Relocation Services provide:

  • Strategic Move Plan Overview
  • Data Center Cabling and Migration Services
  • Relocation Budgeting & Site Selection
  • IT Asset Inventory
  • Planned Downtime
  • Recertification of equipment as needed


For more information on how eGuard can assist you with our Washington DC area data center relocation and migration services  fill out our form or give us a call at 202-465-4670.

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