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Isn't It Time You Moved Your Business Into The Cloud? eGuard's Total Cloud Care is an idea whose time has come.

Total Cloud Care offers your business the combined benefits of bigger business and better return on your IT investment; simply put, it's a more effective way of doing business. With Total Cloud Care you and your business will:

Eliminate most hardware and software costs. No matter the size of your technology platform, chances are that new servers, equipment and software upgrades represent some of the largest portions of your IT budget. By switching to Total Cloud Care, you will eliminate that cost entirely, reducing your hardware, software and licensing expenses to a low monthly fee.

Increase productivity. With a cloud computing platform your employees, vendors and customers will be able to collaborate and communicate more effectively, taking advantage of the cloud's real-time access to your company files and other assets.

Offer a secure, predictable solution to your data storage needs. As important as backup and disaster recovery are to the future of any business, implementing plans for off-site storage and data security can be difficult. With the Total Cloud Care solution we can automatically protect the future of your business by running backups on a regular schedule, storing and testing them securely, and having them ready at a moment's notice. When you combine that with the fact that our cloud system uses newer, more reliable equipment and is overseen by eGuard's trained technicians, it's easy to see how cloud computing can give you an instant boost in both security and reliability.

Are you ready to learn more about eGuard's Total Cloud Care and the difference it can make in your organization? Getting the answers you're looking for is as simple as making a phone call to our office with one free consultation we can give you the tools you need to make the best cloud computing decisions for your company.

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