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Whoops! How To Step Back In Time And Recall Messages In Outlook 2013

Whoops! How To Step Back In Time And Recall Messages In Outlook 2013
It has happened to everyone at some time or another; the very second you click “Send” you realize that the message you are sending was a mistake. You quickly check your Outbox and it has already been delivered. Is there anything you can do to retrieve the message?
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Just Because You've Been LUCKY Enough To Avoid A Cyber-Attack Doesn't Mean You Are Not At Risk

Seems these days that a new cybercrime hack pops up in the news weekly, if not daily. We hear about lots of big companies like Target, Anthem Inc. (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Home Depot, and more. These attacks in the news are almost always with big companies and big dollar amounts.  So that leads to the question... Are small businesses immune to cyber theft or do we just not hear about their stories?  And if your company hasn't been hacked, have you just been lucky, or is your company's computer security really that good?  I've answered this question for you free of charge at http://www.eguardtech.com/cyber-security-audit.
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Not "Feeling The Love" From Your Current IT Support Company?

Roses are red... violets are blue... This Valentines Day, I have reserved a gift for you! Ok, ok... I know that I should probably stick with IT support instead of poetry... but love is in the air this month and I want to show you some love. I just posted up a $250 gift that I want to give to you absolutely free this month. Claim your free Valentines gift here:   http://www.eguardtech.com/love-your-it-support-company   Enjoy!
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An URGENT Security Warning For Businesses Running Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Ahhhh! A brand new year, full of promise, hope and a fresh start. If you're like most people, you're making the usual resolutions to exercise more, lose weight, pay off debt, etc., etc., etc. While you're in the mode of taking stock in your life (and your business) to think about all of the things you "should" be doing more of (or less!), here is one more must add resolution that needs to absolutely get done in early 2015 if you care at all about your business:   http://www.eguardtech.com/windows-server-2003-expiration  Here's to a prosperous and fruitful 2015!
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Over 100 Famous Hollywood Actresses' Secret Naked Smartphone "Selfies" Stolen By Hacker And Brandished All Over The Internet. Could YOU Be Their Next Victim?

If over 100 famous Hollywood actresses' personal (explicit) photos were easily hacked off of their cellphones without notice, how safe are YOU?   Despite all of the recent stories about celebrities and big business cyberattacks, small businesses are actually a cybercriminal's favorite target. Why? Click here to read the answer.  http://www.eguardtech.com/could-you-be-an-internet-hacking-victim
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